Get social while you work

Excessive emails?

Are you always trying to reach inbox Zero? Over – Reliance on email to Collaborate with your team is costing you precious time and money?

Pointless meetings?

Is your workday packed with unproductive meeting? Time spent together is not always time spent wisely

Constant interruptions?

It started with a tap on the shoulder. Two conversations, four emails and half a travel blog later, you come to. What were you working on again?

Engage. Collaborate. Connect.


Have an open, transparent culture that gives every employee a voice


Provide a robust social, communications and collaboration framework


Bring people and valuable resources together to drive your business forward.

Group discussions

Wouldn’t it be nice when you can discuss things on groups when all members interested on the same topic?

Private and public walls

Don’t we all like casual conversations? Write on each other’s walls and start talking.

Polls and surveys

Want to know what your employees think about the new product? Let them vote or suggest.

Rewarding and sharing achievements

Say “Thank you” to your colleagues for what they have done and make them feel special. Keep your motivation levels high and encourage them to value each other’s contributions.

Knowledge sharing forums

Why search for public forums when you have the knowledge in house? Share what you know and learn what you don’t know using forums.

Work tasks

OMG! I forgot to complete my weekly report. ESN will never let you forget anything.

Online meetings

Wasting your time travelling for meetings? Be a part of your meeting, on the go from wherever you are.

Ideas hubs to promote new ideas and blogs

Everyone likes new ideas, but how do we promote it? Dig in to your employees ideas using our ESN! Blogs? Yes we’ve got that too!

Is Juraa really important to me?

1 %
Employees prefer companies that use social platforms
1 %
Believe social platforms harness innovation
1 %
Believe social networks are better communication platforms
1 %
Are more likely to recommend companies with strong social platforms