Frequently Asked Questions

All that you need to know about Juraa

It is a private social network used internally in organisations. It enables employees to connect, collaborate and engage.
Juraa is a cloud-based platform that can be used by companies, in any scale and industry.

Follow the 3 simple steps;
1. Click the sign up button on the homepage at
2. Enter your corporate email address.
3.Create an account and then start inviting your colleagues

Anyone who uses the same email address domain will be able to join your network Eg:- & will be in the same network

It is and it is not. Social network is a convenient way for people to interact online but Juraa has been turned to better fit groups of people working together in an organisation and is only limited to people with the organisation. This ensures security and safety of knowledge transfers within the organisation.                   

Yes, the updated employee information can be exported by admin users.

Yes, this is possible. Sharing images or videos among your team members.

No, you don’t need a credit card to register for the 2 months free trial.

Security is our core strength. We use the highest standards in the industry and our application is certified hacker proof.


We provide you a backup of all your data stored with us.
Juraa is continuously improving and adding features that suits your business. Some features we keep adding are industry specific and some are tailor made for businesses.


Employer is the sole owner of data on Juraa.