Juraa is an Enterprise Social Network.

It is a social network for work that lets your employees connect, collaborate and engage with their peers. You don't have to leave your workstation searching for things you want to know, as now you can access information, share and update everything online. All you have to do is simply log into your Enterprise Social Network and look for what you want.

Higher efficiency

You surely would be excited and extremely happy to see you achieve your set targets on time.

Higher effictiveness

Increase the quality of your work and be consistent.

Higher productivity

Time saving and consistency will help your employees complete their work at a rapid rate quicker than ever before.

Our servers are certified hacker proof and we use highest security as per the industry standards!!

Yes! It is Awesome and Simple!!

The easiest way to build your employee loyalty by creating a sense of belonging. You would surely be more excited when you start using it!